XX Biannual Symposium on
Transonic and Supersonic Flow in Cascades and Turbomachines
23-24 September, 2010, Milano - Italy

LFM - Laboratorio di Fluidodinamica delle Macchine

Energy Department

Politecnico di Milano


Hotels information

As the train trip from the city centre to Bovisa or Villapizzone stations takes about 10 – 15 minutes, feel free to choose any hotel in the city centre.

The nearest hotels to the conference location are:

» Valganna Hotel: Via Gian Battista Vare' 32, 20158 Milan
Additional info: 3 stars hotel, 200 m from Bovisa Politecnico station, 5 minutes walking from the Energy Dept.

» Sunflower hotel: P.le Lugano 10, 20158 Milan
Additional info: 4 stars hotel, 500 m from Bovisa Politecnico station, 10 minutes walking from the Energy Dept.

How to reach us

Energy Department is now at the new Bovisa university campus. This new campus is divided in two sites: North Site for Design and Civil Architecture Department and South Site for Engineering Departments.
Energy Department is located in via Lambruschini 4, 20158, Milano (Italy)
To reach the campus Bovisa:

From the city centre:
» take a taxi-cab,
» take a “Ferrovie Nord” train at Cadorna railway station and get off at Bovisa station, (5 minutes train + 300 m walking);
» take a Sub-urban train (Passante Ferroviario) and get off either at Villapizzone station (S5 or S6 lines) or Bovisa Politecnico station (S2, S3, S4, S10 lines). The Passante Ferroviario is a single line in the city center but splits just before the Bovisa campus; therefore Villapizzone and Bovisa stations are not on the same line. There are several Passante Ferroviario stations in the town and can be reached by means of all subways or buses.

Please note that all the public transportation above described require the same ticket (1 Euro, 75 min)

From Milano-Linate airport:
» take a taxi-cab from the Airport (45 minutes)
» go towards the city centre (bus n° 73) and take the Passante Ferroviario at Dateo station

From Milano-Malpensa airport:
» take a taxi-cab from the Airport (30-45 minutes); » take a “Ferrovie Nord” train and get off at Bovisa Politecnico station (300 m walking). Almost all trains from Malpensa to city centre stop at Bovisa Politecnico Station; please, check your choice.

From Milano-Orio airport:
» take a taxi-cab from the Airport (60 minutes)
» go to the city centre (by bus) and take public transportation

Please note that before 10.00 a.m. traffic jams are frequent on the Milano - Bergamo highway (A4)

map Underground network and urban railway system

Useful Links

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Passante ferroviario Sub-urban trains
Milano Malpensa (Malpensa Express) – Malpensa shuttle
ATM - Azienda trasporti milanese – Local transportation

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