Codes and CDF

CFD skills and capabilities

zTurbo c-COMPREX

  • Preliminary calculation tool for selection and 0 D design

  • Coupled with optimization algorithms for preliminary optimization


  • Throughflow calculation of multistage turbomachinery

  • Valid for any kind of architecture

  • CFD-based axisymmetric model, without limitations in flow regime

  • Combined with evolutionary algorithms for optimization of meridional surface (i.e., spanwise evolution of velocity triangles)

3D steady or unsteady CFD models (Ansys, Openfoam)

  • Analysis computational model for advanced studies

  • Successful validation with in-house experiments

  • Unsteady stator-rotor calculation models sliding mesh

    • well captured flow physics

    • computed efficiency within 1% of experimental one

Automatic design tool for turbomachinery blades

  • Shape Optimization ⇒ to minimize OF (η) playing with the geometry

  • Stochastic Evolutionary strategy (GA) ⇒ only direct CFD is required

  • Surrogate-based methodology ⇒ to tackle costs (≈ 15 h)

  • Both Training and Trust-region formulations available

  • Constrained formulation ⇒ to match flow rate / structural resistance

  • Robust multi-point formulation ⇒ include off-design optimization

  • Application to a supersonic converging-diverging cascade:

⇒ 40% reduction of loss in design conditions

⇒ up to 60% reduction of loss in off-design conditions