Anular cascade aerodynamics

Flange to Flange Efficiency measurement

High fidelity in efficiency evaluation:

    • Torque measured by means of high precision torque meter (HBM T12);

    • Rotation speed regulated with DC motor up to 3500 rpm;

    • Mass flow measured with venturi tube (ISO 5167) calibrated to obtain uncertainty below 0.5%;

    • Total Pressure measurements with rake of kiel probe (up to 40 channels);

    • Capability to change inlet flow angle throught IGV;

Inter stage steady measurements

Misure con sonde come:

  • Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Performance Impact of a Heavily Off-Design Inlet Swirl Angle in a Steam Turbine Stage

  • Flow Evolution in a One and a Half Axial Steam Turbine Stage Under Different Operating Conditions

  • An Experimental Study of the Aerodynamic Forcing Function in a 1.5 Steam Turbine Stage