Organic Vapour Flow

Organic Vapour Flow

Organic vapor flows for ORC applications

The Compressible fluid dynamics for Renewable Energy Applications laboratory (CREA Lab) operates in the field of Non-Ideal Compressible Fluid Dynamics (NICFD), with a special focus on applications for renewable energy systems. It supports theoretical, experimental and numerical investigations of compressible-fluid flows. The laboratory gathers personnel and competencies from three Departments of Politecnico di Milano: the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology, the Energy Department and the Department of Electronics, Computer Sciences and Bioengineering. The resulting multidisciplinary team is capable of tackling the complex physical problems related to NICFD and yearns to be an authoritative reference for both industrial and academic partners.

  • Experimental study of supersonic flows of organic fluids  (siloxanes) in dense-gas configurations

  • Experimental assessment of real gas model by combination of independent pressure, temperature and velocity measurements

  • Experimental study of the gasdynamics of mixtures of organic fluids

Different expansion ratio and different inlet thermodynamic conditions

Dense Gas Effects Can Be Tested

Detailed analysis by pressure taps and Schlieren on a nozzle;

Comparison with CFD

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